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Windows XP Service Tweaks

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Here is how I run my system. Its in a DHCP environment, single user with broadband internet.


(These should run Automatically)

Cryptographic Services

DHCP Client

Distributted Link Tracking Client

DNS Client

Event Log

Logical Disk Manager

Plug and Play

Print Spooler

Protected Storage

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Security Accounts Manager


System Event Notification

Task Scheduler


Universal Plug and Play Device Host

Upload Manager

Windows Audio

Windows Management Instrumentation


Non-essential Personnel

(These can be Disabled)

Automatic Updates


Remote Registry

Routing and Remote Access

Secondary Logon

Windows Time

All other Services can be set to Manual

(These depend on a User's needs)

With so many possible system configurations, one should research the service description to find a suitable startup type. This is by no means a guide, rather a point of reference.

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Black Viper has an excellent page that desribes what each service does and what it depends on. Even though you may not need a particular service another part of the OS or software may need it. Theres also a chart for which services you can disable/enable/auto for different needs. The one for Gaming with No Net is good if you want higher benchmarks but you can't do much else.

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