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Age of Empires: Castle Siege Patch 1.7 Notes

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With Patch 1.7 we take some first steps at addressing underused heroes, make some small improvements to UI and Alliance functionality, progression, and have improved overall network stability. We thank the community for continuous support and encourage you to post your feedback on our forums. Hit the jump for the full changelog.


  • Some heroes that attempted to pursue targets at unreasonable ranges will no longer do so
  • Charles Martel’s Taunt ability will now draw fire from targets for the entire duration of the ability. As Charles moves around, any new targets that enter its range will attempt to target Charles. In addition, the damage reduction that it provides has been dramatically increased
  • Tariq ibn Ziyad and his squad have received health and damage increases. Field of Fire has also received a slight damage increase
  • Edward the Black Prince’s “Dismantle” ability now treats the Watch Signal Tower as an applicable target

Duplicate Cost and Build Time Fixes

To avoid imbalance in economy and combat systems we will be fixing unintended discounts for the below units. This decision is based on results of recent improvements to general gameplay and looting system and corresponds with future game progression vision.

  • Spearman Level 7 upgrade cost increased from 400,000 to 700,000 Food
  • Infantry Level 7 upgrade cost increased from 350,000 to 750,000 Food
  • Ram Level 6 upgrade cost increased from 350,000 to 700,000 Lumber
  • Caltrops Level 7 upgrade cost increased from 40,000 to 60,000 Food

  • Fixed the exploit where units could travel to the edge of the map where they could not be attacked while distracting defending melee troops
  • Addressed several stability and connectivity issues, including server reload connection error
  • Increased storage capacity of Farm and Mill Level 10 from 30,000 to 50,000; and Quarry Level 7 from 14,000 to 25,000
  • The difficulty of Thessalonica, Acre, Aleppo, and Constantinople historical challenges has been decreased
  • ‘Damage’ was changed to ‘Damage Per Second’ on all information cards
  • Peace Treaty times are now displayed when visiting other castles
  • Sometimes health and damage when upgrading the Keep would not increase across upgrades. These have been increased accordingly
  • Sometimes players were inaccurately notified that they were vulnerable attack while being online. This notification should now only appear when they have in fact been online too long
  • Notifications that have been disabled will now properly disable

Alliance Messaging
  • We added chat functionality that allows players to report flaming, trolling, cheating and other inappropriate behavior
  • The top navigation buttons have been condensed to not overlap the screen on its outro
  • The button for accessing chat has been moved up to not interfere with phone functionality
  • Blocking button has been added
  • Muting / Unmuting options were added to the context menu. Selecting this will hide the player’s messages in the chat
  • Alliance chat will no longer jump to the top new entry while trying to read older Alliance chat entries

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"Some heroes that attempted to pursue targets at unreasonable ranges will no longer do so"

does this mean a decrease in neveskys ability? I hope not

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Dang it - when is this new patch coming out?

I still have Level 6 infantry, and depending on when this patch comes out...I may miss out on the discounted upgrade for Infantry Level 7!

It takes 6.5 days to upgrade Barracks to level 9...then, I can upgrade Infantry.

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Loot System

Queen Matcha wrote:
“The loot system is working as intended. Gathering structures AND storage need to be counted for. The amount of loot is decided by not only the amount you have in your storage, but also the amount you haven’t collected from your gathering structures.”

The chest loot is awarded mid-battle immediately upon destroying the keep. If for whatever reason you close the client or get disconnected before the post-battle rewards screen, you will still have received your loot, but not necessarily know what it is.


Queen Matcha wrote:
You're not using Maslama's ability on towers; you're using them on your attacking units. His ability protects your surrounding attacking units (that are within the smoke) from tower damage (EXCEPT FLAME TOWER). It may look like the towers are still hitting your smoke-covered units, but they will not be taking any damage from it.

However, your units are not protected from defending melee units + Cheirosiphons (another flame unit!). On the other hand, your units are protected from ranged units; his ability protects you from all ranged attacks (this includes Catapults).

Here, I’ll show you a screenshot from our designer to illustrate his ability better:


Peace Treaty System

TrebuchetFodder wrote:
Peace treaties are not reset when we update the service.

TrebuchetFodder wrote:
The only thing this does is prevent you from adding to an existing peace treaty. If you don't have a peace treaty and someone revenge attacks you, you will still get a peace treaty. You will no longer get additional time added to an existing peace treaty if you if someone attacks through your peace treaty using a revenge attack.

Ex. 1 You have no peace treaty, player Bob attacks you via normal matchmaking, you get a peace treaty.

Ex. 2. You have no peace treaty, player Bob revenge attacks you through the battle log, you get a peace treaty.

Ex 3. You have a peace treaty, player Bob cannot attack you via normal matchmaking because you will not show up as a potential match.

Ex 4. You have a peace treaty, player Bob revenge attacks you, you keep your existing peace treaty but the duration of the peace treaty does not change based on the result of the revenge attack.

Queen Matcha wrote:
If you're in a revenge loop, the Peace Treaty does not protect you from a revenge attack. Hence, your opponent was able to attack you by breaking their own Peace Treaty.

Matchmaking System

TrebuchetFodder wrote:
the amount of people unavailable for matchmaking due to being online or under attack must be considered in the context of the total amount of people in your portion of the pool. If you're a level 3 or 4 castle you'll likely always have matches available at your level because there are so many empires at that level that the ratio of empires online or under peace treaties is relatively small compared to the total number of empires. The effect is really seen at the highest levels where there are relatively few empires so the ratio of empires that are unavailable to match with at your level will be much higher. If there are only 20 players with fully maxed out Age 9 castles, they would rarely be able to find a match at their level. Conversely, when you're matchmaking and they are available, you will see the same empires often because they are the only available close matches.

TrebuchetFodder wrote:
Because making matches is highly dependent on the number of players available to match to, there will never be a system that is "balanced" all the time. The total pool of people who can be matched against is changing all the time so the way matchmaking feels, subjectively, changes as people enter and leave different levels. It also changes based on the number of people with peace treaties. Higher level players also tend to be more active and also get longer peace treaties. Ever person under a peace treaty is removed from the match pool so each player's pool of potential matches is fluctuating constantly.

dariakus wrote:
Over time the zombie cities will be pulled from rotation until someone logs back into one of them.

dariakus wrote:
We keep you "logged in" for a few minutes after you log off, so that intermittent loss of internet connection due to bad cellular or wireless connections won't immediately open you up to attack.

dariakus wrote:
The bucket holds 8 hours of time. Once it's empty, you're dumped into the same matchmaking pool you're in whenever you're offline without a peace treaty. No special pools for this sort of thing.

You are using up "safe time" from the bucket every second you've got Castle Siege open. So if you're battling, building, chatting with your alliance, watching replays, or just admiring the way your spearmen aimlessly wander the castle grounds, you're draining time from the bucket.

Time gets put back into the bucket whenever Castle Siege is closed. For every second you're offline, another second of "safe time" gets put back into your bucket.

We match users based on player power level. Keep in mind that not all Age IV players are much weaker than those in Age V. An Age IV player that only has his keep left to upgrade and an Age V player who has only upgraded his keep are effectively the same power, and we account for this.

In addition, we present a range of potential targets; enemy castles that are more or less powerful than you can be potential matchmaking targets. This gives players an opportunity to challenge themselves or to go after a weaker player. We scale potential resources with this as well: attacking a stronger player nets you more potential resources while attacking a weaker opponent means less potential resources to raid.


TrebuchetFodder wrote:
We don't store a video of your replay, we store the actual battle orders and then replay them. When we make changes to the battle simulation engine, it makes the replay order set invalid because they no longer match what the simulation engine expected to happen, thus they cannot be carried forward. The up side is that we can store millions of replays and let your client replay them for very little resources.

Watch Signal Tower

TrebuchetFodder wrote:
The level current level of your unit is the level of the unit that is donated. At Age 5 her watch signal would only release 1 squad at a time and there is a slight delay before the first squad is deployed as well as a "guard house" type timer between deployments. If the attacker is on their game it might only get a couple of high level squads out before being destroyed. The total number that can be donated is 20, they come out in the order they were received. Due to timers, it's not possible to have all 20 squad deployed in a single battle. Alliance mates are donating a single squad, so yes, their Watch Signal queue must be refilled.

Queen Matcha wrote:
Correct! [Donated troops] are taken from the pool when they appear on the map.


TrebuchetFodder wrote:
We authenticate your credentials every time you launch Castle Siege so even though you haven't detached your Microsoft Account you are not always logged in to Xbox Live. My experience, especially on phones, is that it will used cached data that gives the appearance of being logged into the service but when you try to use certain features (like viewing your achievements in the Games App) it will fail to connect or take a long time reconnecting, indicating that you weren't actually logged in.

Crown System

dariakus wrote:
We understand the issues with the crown system, and we want to address them. At this moment, however, it's difficult for us to say what we're going to do about crowns as we are currently focused on addressing the end game economy. Adjustments to the crown system are most likely to come alongside future alliance content. As mentioned in the Q&A, our next slate of major features will revolve around expanding the game horizontally (that is, not just at the top end) and alliances will be a big focus of that. When we've got those plans set we'll be sure to give everyone a preview.

To determine the number of crowns an attacker can take from a defender, the game uses the ratio of the number of crowns the defender has to the number of crowns the attacker has to choose a percentage. If the ratio is low (meaning the attacker has few crowns relative to the defender), then the percentage will be low. If the ratio is high, then the percentage is high. The number of crowns that the attacker can possibly take is equal to the number of crowns the defender has multiplied by this percentage.

Note that the percentage is not equal to the ratio – there’s a lookup table, and higher ratio values return higher percentage values.

This design rewards players for attacking other players that have a lot of crowns, and makes it less valuable to attack players that they have many more crowns than.

The result of the battle determines the actual number of crowns the attacker takes from the defender:

One star: Attacker gets 50% of possible crowns
Two stars: Attacker gets 75% of possible crowns
Three stars: Attacker get 100% of possible crowns

The game uses a similar process to determine how many crowns the attacker will lose if he attacks the target and fails. It determines the ratio of crowns of the attacker and target and uses that ratio to choose a percentage of the attacker’s crowns that they will lose and the defender will gain if the attack fails. There’s a different lookup table here - attackers generally stand to lose a smaller percentage of crowns than they stand to gain.

There is one additional step. If the number of crowns a player would win is less than 5, then they actually win 5 crowns minimum. If the target doesn’t have 5 crowns, then new crowns are generated. When a player has above a certain number of crowns in an age, this minimum begins to decrease, and eventually becomes 0. This is to prevent players in low ages from rising to the top of the leaderboard by repeatedly attacking weak targets for 5 crowns at a time.

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Think of it as a big literal bucket. You start with 8 hours (the bucket is full). Every second you are online drains a second from the bucket. When the bucket is completely dry, you can be attacked, even if you are online. However, for every second you are offline, you add a second to the bucket, until it is back up to eight hours.

Basically, as long as you are not online for more than 8 hours a day, you have nothing to worry about. However, sometimes, if you've been on for a while, it is beneficial to take a break to add time back to the bucket so you aren't attacks during a remodel or at that precise moment you accidentally pull your keep to the side of the map

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Guest Gabrielelume

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