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Since the switch to the new forum system, many of you may notice that your avatar didn't make the travels. This isn't so, they have made the travels, you just have to reselect it from the system. Also, there are some updated features in "My Controls" with regards to the way you percieve the board. There are some new skins for you to chose from. You can even add your birthday, (don't expect a gift from me though, im broke). I like to feel as though we are a family here, and we all know in families we wish each other the best on their birthdays. Give us the opportunity to do this for you by updating your profile.

Should you have any questions about features you are unsure of, feel free to ask, the COD team will be more than happy to help you out.

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Now i see why. ;)

I add mine to all forums I'm on.

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