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halflife 2 leak


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There are many far fetched things about this and this makes many people suspicious that this might just be one huge Public Relations stunt. There is a wildcard in there though, havoc physics code. Valve licensed havoc physics and HEAVILY modified them and implemented them as a key part of playing the game. If this indeed is genuine havoc code in the leaked "source" this leaves valve open for a major lawsuit.

A high ranking cheat creator, Johuz, has stood up in defence for valve expressing his sympathy for them and that cheating is one thing but reverse engineering and hacking is another. (It is this individual's opinion that valve will need all the support they can get, even from the cheaters and "low life’s")

If you are still wondering "what damages could the source code do?"

The source code is the code that makes everything work; it’s the heart and soul of the game. Open source and leaked source is 2 different things. Open source you re allowed to modify and build off of the base code. Leaked source is highly illegal and if your caught ripping things off from other games or hosting the file and are caught, you’re going to have one hell of a fine, at least 1 million.

Anyway, source code is in high level languages which is easily understood by programmers (c++) so another company could just peer into Halflife 2's source code and find out how they did this and that. A game's source code is NOT supposed to be within public reach unless open source. A game's source code is usually released 5-6 years after they released the game.

The final product's source is in no way accessible by the public. The C++ code is compiled into machine code (extremely hard/impossible to read) which allows the computer to understand what the code means.

Thanks for reading my article. - hunter

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it appears that more than the source code to halflife 2 has been released. Floating around on the internet are 4 files all disguised as halflife 2 leaked alpha/beta/i have no idea version. one is gay porn, one is a trojan, one is some of the game with messed up textures, and one is the real deal (not the whole game just some)

This all means, a actual playable peice of the game has been released. it's buggy as all hell and very laggy. It is my opinion that the effort needed to tracking down a real copy and playing is too much and far too risky.

in summary, half-life2 has had some of it's source code and game art released. DO NOT download the game, unless you want to take the chance of getting a trojan. -hunter

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