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Is Linux taking over the enterprise?


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In recent years, Linux has proven itself a credible alternative server operating system, and application support has also improved greatly.
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linux linux linux man i have been saying this for years even

linux is almmost bullet proof compared to winblows no back doors working hand and hand with the os kernal is a plus and gives admins the power to change thier os's as the need arises i love this system i just wish that winblows would finaly give up thier source code and make winblows a open source system but i doubt we will see that till linux overcomes a few things

1. the ability to use programs that are popular only to winblows right now such as games dvd software and the destruction of a winanything hardware like modems and printers and scaners

2. maybe a little easier install platform for the noobs that are without a clue as to how to use and understand a computer

3. the death of isp services like aohell and earthdink that refuse to allow any other software to bew used other than winblows

but hey linux is great for us users that do know the power that one of these white blinking boxs has with the right hands on the keyboard

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just like our public school system.. we have been programmed.. we started off on DOS, and windows 3.1... We have been so accustomed to the windows operating system, that we fear change.. and those of us who stray once in a while are pushed right back to windows due to lack of patience for learning a new OS...

You are right, when linux makes it easier for people to switch, and leave the puddle of software support for the lake, there will be a coup...

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As much as that would please me, I am not optimistic. With such a large monetary stranglehold on the populace, it woul dbe a monumental task to get a significant amount of people to switch. M$ is associated with so much of their lives, MSNBC, .NET, messenger and just the name recognition that Billy has will be had to compete with. Yeah, they may have been told by the network media to hate him, but they still buy his products.

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i think linux is already got a big foot in the door for enterprise, its just that it needs to have more coders and developers to adapt linux to its surroundings. such as make it easier to deploy etc. with linux making way in enterprise TCO will go down however the real money is in services. just the way FSF wanted it to be. free software, pay for the services. which is actually good beacuse if anybody licensed the wheel where would we be today? :)

(just my 2c !!)

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