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[Joining] TMX [/leGaCY]


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SUP !!!!!!

[x1] I'm leGaCY

[x2] 29 years old ( lol should change it to ld-man ) no just kidding m8 !.

[x3] I play a lot on your server, and yeah i like it...

[x4] No i'm not cheating, why should i. It's just a game !

[x5] Why i want 2 join you guys ! lol.. you treat people normal !

[x6] I play a lot of Unreal Tournament ( GOTY ) clans : [xtc] won a lot :D

[x7] Why i play tactical ops, just wanted to play something new !

[x8] How i know you guys, just found it on servers.. and since then PLAY

[x9] Thnx 2 viper, edmaxx, Kami-Hawk, trebmaxx and more for a nice game

I hope in the end of the month i will get me a mic :D then i will irritating viper :D lol no just kidding.. simple i like you guys. you guys treat people and other users normal..

I hope i will hear from you guys.. I know i will thnx a lot for given me a change if you say yes..

grtz leGaCY

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I hope you do get a mic at the end of the month, Legacy. As far as I'm concerned you're 99.999% in. We just want to get to know you a little better. Hell, I'll go buy a $10 mic at Wal-Mart and send it to you if it will help. LOL



T-Maxx, there is no substitute!

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well he got a mike, and was on last night.... can we take the mike away? LOL!

Wecome to Arnold Schartzenegger.....

Great talking to you!

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Dang, I was only on for a bit, sorry I missed him. But, "I'll be back".

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