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My Fan Mod


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A couple weeks ago, I got bored. So I decided to upgrade my case with some new fans! I cut a blowhole in the top and added a 120mm Sunon 108cfm (exhaust) fan. Cut to 2 holes in the side near the PCI & AGP slots and added 2 YS Tech 80mm 48.5 cfm (intake). Changed the 2 front fans to Vantec Stealth 80mm 27cfm (intake) and changed the 2 rear fans to Panaflo 80mm 24cfm (exhaust). Also added a Thermaltake I845 chipset cooler. I have an Antec TruPower 430w and hooked the 120mm and the 2 side intake 80mm's to its thermal fan control. Its helping with noise they don't even come on unless it gets hot in the case.

Present temps:


System =21c

CPU =25c idle, 38c (hottest its ever been, running Prime 95)

System specs:

P-4 1.8a @2430mhz/ 3:4 divider [email protected]=360mhz~Swiftech MCX4000 w/36cfm TMD fan~Asus P4B533~512mb Xtreme DDR PC3000~Antec 430w TruPower~80 gb Maxtor ATA 100/7200 rpm~Samsung DVD SD-612~Plextor CD-RW 12x10x32~Hercules Game Theater XP~ATI 9700 Pro~misc stuff~ Win XP Pro

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