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Transform AMD Duron Into AMD Athlon XP CPUs


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Transform AMD Duron Into AMD Athlon XP CPUs

Quickly, Easily and Flawlessly

by Anton Shilov

09/08/2003 | 12:49 AM  

Our Russian friends from OverClockers.ru web-site have just done it again! If you remember, they were the first to overclock the new AMD Duron microprocessors and they were the first to transform RADEON 9500 128MB into fully-featured RADEON 9700 graphics card, now they pushed the limits further and tried to perform a nearly impossible trick: to turn the new AMD Duron CPUs into AMD Athlon XP microprocessors. I do not have to tell you that they succeeded!


Cool, I might have to try that on an old 1 gig I have. Certainly won't be out much money if it fails.

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No kidding, if that works it would really enhance the value of those old chips.

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