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Roll your own Windows 98 Support & Installation Kit


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Come the middle of this year, Windows 98 enters the so-called “non-supported phase.” At that time, all Microsoft support for the product will cease except for online help, and even that online help may be terminated with 12 months notice from Microsoft.

Now as many of you know, ninety-eight was a good year for Windows. Windows 98 Second Edition was the best home-user version of the operating system developed in the 20th Century. Chances are you may want to keep your copy of it running well past Microsoft’s cut-off date. Even if you buy a new computer running XP, it makes sense to keep Win 98 SE running on your older, less powerful hardware.

With Win 98 support fast disappearing, now is the time to create your own Windows 98 Support & Reinstallation Kit consisting of your original setup disc plus copies of all updates, patches, utilities and drivers which make Windows 98 run at its peak.


Nice little article. I've already done this for my biz to a certain extent but this will give everybody still using 98 or that has a copy a clear path for keeping it up to date after support is gone.

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Damn nice find, Rb. I don't have SE, just 98. Still, he makes a valid point that you might want to pick a copy up for a song.

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