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New Warranty Policy

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Better keep this in mind when buying Western Digital hard drives. Also check the other mfr's. as they are most likely going to follow suit.

Western Digital has adopted a new warranty policy effective October 1, 2002. Western Digital WD Caviar Special Edition hard drives are covered under warranty for a three-year period. All other Western Digital products will be covered under a standard warranty for a period of one year. Products purchased before October 1, 2002 are covered under the product's original warranty, unless otherwise noted on the retail packaging.


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I just put a new Seagate 40GB EIDE in a crashed HP.

MFG '5' year warranty!

I am going to replace my Maxtor with one of these, just because it is nearly SILENT! My HD has started to whine in the last week... bearing is going. :(

NOTE: If you buy a NEW (insert name brand here) computer and the hard drive goes out on day 367, you are SOL. These drives only carry the 1 yr through your computer MFG instead if 3yr HD MFG.

Your only hope is to have an extended computer warranty. Money for them... I'd rather have it in my pocket.

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I have been praising my Seagate Barricuda since I got it. Unfortunately its only a 60GB and its EIDE... but its the best drive I have ever owned... fast, reliable, quiet.

Good job Seagate.

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