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Argghh!!! Must seek .... Network Guru!!!


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Alright guys, here goes my problem:

I recently setup a Domain Controller in my home network (it uses Win2k Server). I would like to forward port 21 to the server so that I can host a few files to my friends through FTP on this Domain Controller.

Here is quick run-over of my network:

Cable line connects into a Linksys Router (local IP -

From the router, one line goes to the Domain Controller (local IP -

Also from the router, I have the clients... my computer for example (local IP -

Now, here's the problem I'm starting to notice. I setup the Domain Controller as the DHCP provider. The problem is with the router's DHCP disabled, the the Domain Controller's enabled I can no longer foward any ports to those machines, let alone give a computer DMZ access.

What can I do? Will file sharing etc. still operate just as well if I was to use the Router's DHCP setup? How do I disable my current Domain Controller's DHCP? Arggh....

I hope someone understands my problems. :roll: :roll: :roll:

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I'm not familiar with Domain Controller setups. I can FTP from my home network though. Perhaps this link will help:


Hit the troubleshooting/ guides areas.

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Good deal! Whenever I have network probs thats about the first place I go.

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