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What do you guys do here at COD Web & Forum


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Um I was just sitting here at 4:00 in the morning one night sippen on some tea. <== not quite JD Crack Tea but Strong. Anyhow I was thinking what do you guys do here. Are you in it for the web presence just to be have your voice and eat up bandwidth or WHA. I was looking at the homepage and was thinking that there has been a while since anything new was there. Dont get me wrong that Olympus gave me chub for a couple of days then the inevitable came. Wanton and Needing I would like to go no further than the front page to get my news but there are some things I would like to see.

I don't like the way the Recent Articles the Around Town are set up I think maybe there too much to RROOOOAAAAA READ ME!!!! and I get scard and want to run away and its like a 9pg long

I need to be tricked into clicking it or at least lured but if you wanna keep it geeky smaller font not much but just a lilt would do for me

5 each would be good then have something to show all of the

Gen Con Indy 2003 Article by: Jsgolfman  

I think it was poetic that my first trip to Gencon was also Gencon's first trip to Indianapolis. It finally moved from Milwaukee after 35 years and I think it was a success, from the standpoint of both the attendees and vendors. According to unofficial figures as many as 25,000 people attended this year compared to 23,000 last year. Although I have been a gamer and RPG player for a number of years dating back to my high school days, I've never gotten involved in the gatherings. I wish I had. It was an eye opening experience for me. Little did I know how immense and lucrative this industry can be. My major regret for this year was the timing of the event. I had planned a previous combination business trip/vacation and miscalculated my arrival date back to Indy; as a consequence I missed the first three days of the event and have been kicking myself since. I vowed to make up for lost time by spending the entire day at the convention center.  


that there took up a quater of my monitor gotta 19" @ 1024*768 most web goers will be at 15-17 800x600 much larger I have my textsize to medium so I would think that is normal

Let me get to the things I like

The baners there out of my way so I dont stumble all over trying to avoid them nice and off to the margin thats cool I usualy read a couple just to see whats up there.

I like the Big COD up at the top helps a lot took a bit to figure out what it did tho.

Oh and there is one more I like the Swiftech 22500 "EXTREME" SERIES LIQUID COOLING KITS review thats coming up SWWEETTT

I want liquid so bad and just to have it to have not planning to over clock or anything. ALTHO...

Anyhow did not know if you guys were getting any feedback or not so I thought I would put my in

All in all I give it a 6 Its new and I think it could go 7 easy in under a year but its gona need some love HEHE

Keep it up guys and I will keep reading




PS. the opinions in this post are Mine & Gods alone

and if they pissed you off then it was Gods fault he should have never let me submit this post.

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I think I deciphered a couple of your points, I think. New things on the homepage: We post new stuff whenever we can. It's never as often as we'd like, but sometimes finances won't allow more frequent articles/reviews. You have to remember that we still buy most of our review items. It's also hard having just 3-4 of us providing content. We do welcome member submissions and will post items we like. As far as the size issue, I run my resolution at 1024x768. I don't know of anybody who runs 800x600, other than in games. Maybe Bruce can address the font problem.

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we are a masterpiece in progress

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Masterpiece being the operative word.

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if you are going to have dreams go for the realy good ones!!!!!!!!!!

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