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Zalman 300w PSU


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Intro: When you think of power supplies, the first companies that come to mind are, Enermax, Antec, PC Power & Cooling, and Zalman. “ZALMAN?!?!? HOLD UP! Zalman makes those Flower Heatsinks right?!!! Not power supplies…Yes Zalman makes the beautiful flowering heatsinks, but what they want to be known for is their line of Noise Prevention products. They understand the need for users to have a high performance system, but also strive to make it quiet. They were the world first in reducing computer's noise down to lower than 20dB, creating a more user friendly computing environment. How do they do it??? With their Computer Noise Prevention System

Find it here: http://www.ocaddiction.com/reviews/psu/zalman_300w/

I still prefer the Vantec 520w, but if you are on a budget it isn't bad. Caution, you will need the language installed or install it when you visit the site.

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I need more than 300 watts for my useage. Didn't say what the amps per channel were either?

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