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Computuning PC-Rider Kit Review


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This really cool looking. To me anyways.

With the exponential growth of case modding over the last year the diversity amongst modders is vast, whether it is different skill levels, budgets, purpose or the quickly growing DIY (do it yourself) methods versus ready made kits. While DIY methods can be significantly cheaper, the intricate procedures and skill required may scare users away. The ready-made kits are very popular yet lack freedom in certain areas with the need for modifications. Canadian based Computuning has engineered their own solution that caters to both audiences and applied it in the form of a DIY marketed product with the ability to place LEDs, a switch and a PCB almost anywhere in your case. Today in MTB Labs, we will be evaluating Computuning’s PC-Rider, a multifunctional unit capable of mocking the Knight Rider effect and detecting Hard Disk Drive activity. 


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