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Security Alert: Microsoft Acknowledges Word Security Problem


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Officials at Microsoft are busy investigating the extent of a problem that was reported by several media outlets Friday about multiple versions of Microsoft Word containing a vulnerability that could allow hackers to steal files. An Associated Press version of the story ended up on at least two major Web sites Friday, saying that Microsoft does intend to deliver a fix for the problem, but that the problem is the worst for users of Word 97, and that Microsoft will not deliver a fix for users of Word 97.


Oh, Boy. Another vulnerability in a M$ product?

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Crap! I use Office '97. Never upgraded to 2000 or XP. '97 works just fine on XP. Thanks for thinking of me M$. Hey, Bill, if you sell it ya' gotta take care of it.

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ive been using Open Office for a while, its great! Honestly, for my school work and such it does the same thing as MS Office.

you have your basic word processoer (Open Office Writer)

Spreadsheet (Calc)

Presentation; like PowerPoint (Impress)

and a drawing tool.

it also has other features that combine and utilize one of the components of open office, like an HTML editor, making labels, business cards etc.

so instead of using one application for things (like MS word is pretty much that) it takes uses of the other components.

really great stuff there. www.openoffice.org (really, ive been using it since the start of school, its really good for just basic typing up reports, graphs etc)

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