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Yo... sup PIMP... welcome aboard... when you are ready to join.. lemme know.. i will 1v1 ya... remember.. you don't have to win to get in...

some of the other guys that have played with ya.. like your style.. say you have much potential...


post.. away..

in the meantime.. HAVE FUN!!!

Just incase you don't recognize the "Bruceleeon" i am also "FuKeD uP PiVot"

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hey pimp was up ive got first one on one with you so let me know when you are avalible to get a good beating.lmfao pm me so we can get this (the S-word) done and hopefully you have the skills to join this great clan. :lol: :trout:

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hey if you see me in TO my name is DeadonArrival, it is what i've used for UT, and i'm in a UT clan called {RA}. I'm also in the clan/community of [mTo] for Tactical Ops, it is basically dead. Not really any active members, we are just a "Macintosh Community" for TO now, if that. We don't participate in any wars, scrimages, practices, anything like that. It's just a tag for mac players to wear and it provides help on getting Tactical Ops to work for Macintosh. (I'm using one now.) So if you are cool with me being in that I'd like to 1vs1 and join if you let me.

First I got to get my computer built though, the final parts come Monday ;) minus monitor and speakers. I haven't ordered those yet.

Here's the parts list incase you were wondering:

Case: Black Chieftec

Power Supply: Raidmax 500w (Black)

Fans: 3 Vantec Stealth 80mm fans

Motherboard: Abit NF7-S nForce2

Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2500+

Memory: 1GB Corsair TwinX XMS Dual DDR 3200+

Graphics Card: ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro

Hard Drive: WD 200GB 7200 RPM 8mb cache

DVD Burner: DVD-/+ +R Sony DRU510A (Black)

Floppy Drive: 1.44 MB Sony (Black)

Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech Cordless MX Duo

Waiting to be ordered:

Monitor:NEC MultiSyn LCD1760 17" LCD (Black)

Speakers: Logitech X640 5.1 Speakers

DVD-ROM: haven't decided

rounded cables and just stuff like that, blue leds ;)

That should be a lot better than the Apple TiG4 Macintosh Laptop I play on now. It's 500 mhz and has integrated video. So hopefully it will make me better ;). If not i still will love being able to turn the graphics up for once.

Don't get me wrong I love Apples but they are just too expensive for me, and not good at all for games. Even the games ported to Macintosh suffer. Like for Pure it would kick all Mac users until someone figured out to manually install pure then reconnect.... oh well i hope you guys played UT cause i still love that game, not too much of a fan of 2k3 but that's because i've never really played it much. I'll probably start playing that some too if i have enough free time lol.

Hope to see you guys soon, school is starting back soon and with work i'm not sure how much free time i will have.

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we did a review of the z640's .. they are good.. also.. what mouse and keybaord you going to use...

btw.. you have my vote for clan membership.. you just have to play with the other guys a little more.. I have seen the name deadonarrival many times... have you played tac under that before?

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yes i have played as DeadonArrival in TO, but it would be [mTo]DeadonArrival, i stopped playing TO right before AoT came out, then installed it just to see what i was like, stopped playing computer games all together for awhile, then this summer i got sucked back in when my girlfriend left town and my job was only working me 3 days a week :) started playing AoT less than a month ago regularly, and i've been playing UT since June. So if you saw a DeadonArrival chances are it wasn't me unless it was last night or you happened to catch me a long time ago on the [mTo] server which doesn't exsist anymore. ( i don't think it does at least ) lol

don't expect me to leave the gaming world soon again, i love it, i'll find time for it. but i might try some other games besides TO, what other games do you guys play? Half Life 2 and Doom 3 look good,can't wait for them to come out ;) also UT2k4, maybe.

sometimes i've also played as deadonarrival.net cause i own that domain name, don't bother going i don't really update the site any, i just use it to mess around and learn stuff, like some php and cgi, and to store files, most of it you can't even get to unless you have a link.

My keyboard and mouse is the logitech cordless mx duo (the mx700 and the logitech elite wireless keyboard)

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hey private message me and we will get it on so we can get this thing rolling :D

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