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Chieftec Dragon DA-01BLD full tower case


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Although the Lian-Li PC7 that my main system lived in is an excellent case it was beginning to get a little crowded, and when I got my hot little hands on some new goodies to add on I decided it was time to find a new home for the RipNet-UK box. It was going to have to be a full tower - weight wasn't really a consideration as the computer was not going to be moved very often, so a steel case would be fine (allowing me to spend far less than an aluminium full tower would have cost...) Factors I was interested in included available drive space, cooling provision, potential for future modification, and last but not least - looks. You're probably going to see quite a lot of your computer case so buying one that is something of an eyesore is not a great idea! A swift browse around the web led me to the Chieftec Dragon series.

I have a couple Chieftec cases, they are very nice for the price. Sure they're not aluminum, but cheap is good too.


Some of the best prices for these and other cases can be found here:


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I have the silver version of that case... I am very pleased with it... Although wireing does get a little tricky with the removable drive bays and they way the fans are setup within them.. Plus the Removable fan mounting mechanisms don't allow for fans that are larger than 25mm.. in depth... a drawback for those how love those noisy 35mm depth fans...

I will go into these issues more when my review of this case is published on the C.O.D. main page!!!

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You mean people like me? I have a love/hate relationship with the drive bays. They are a problem with wires, just don't change them so much. I still like my fan screws, I can live without the universal holders.

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