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what are you people sittin on?

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RdMaxx"]I am just happy she does not kick it on the forums  

anyhow I think she would understand I am just expanding the silly idea of the liquid cooled seat

AND NO!!! you cant have any ITS MINE ALL MINE

Don't forget Rd, I am next

:twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil:

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That would be one heck of a MOD I may look into that HEHE

lets see I could use

1 water pump Lotta Gallons a min HEHE

uber long hose

1 chair

$$$ DANG first sang

Time... aw crap

get one of those uber hot on one side super cold on the other thingies AKA..(A Woman) Sweet got one in stock

now to hook em all up with ducktape to spair MMUUAHAHAHA

oooohhhhh aaahhhhh very nice oh and there seems to be a slot

what happens if I put a quarter in it

:shock: Teeth fold back sweet

***Kicks the dog***** :lol:


HEHE :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Rd, you always make me smile...

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the picture doesn't work anymore... which is a shame because it sounds like a cool chair... mine has almost no padding.. it hurts my rear after a hour or so.... and i have to get up and walk around, or laydown... one day i'll replace it with a nice chair... but... i'm not sure when that day will come... heh

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yeah, I don't know about all of you but I seem to sit on my "tushy".

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The floor.

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I sit on an incredibly uncomfortable card chair with a thin cushion. If I have anything more comfortable, I spend too much time on the keyboard.

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Tushy was refering to my backside, which is what I tend to always sit on. I didn't want to say butt or other possible word for tushy... backside.... whatever.

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or derrière, posterior, seat, or my favorite, arse

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