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LAN Party Etiquette


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From Bjorn3D:

As with any other sort of social gathering LAN parties have certain norms and expected patterns of behavior. Depite the stereotype of the nerdy gaming geek we do have our standards and tend to be irked when one of our own commits a faux pau. 

Yeah, yeah so we're a bunch of antisocial geeks who'd rather hook up our PC's in somebodies garage or basement and frag each other rather than go out to dinner with the family or to a ball game. Despite that fact the LAN party does provide for it's own form of social interaction with ones peers and there are certain standards of etiquette that have evolved for this enviroment over the years.


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Good mix of humor in there. One thing, if you are thinking about getting into LAN's, go to one of the large LAN parties hosted by a reputable site first. You can learn a lot there by watching how everyone acts and see who gets flamed. The general rule of thumb is, if you wouldn't want it done at your crib don't do it somewhere else. Oh, one other thing. If it is at someone's house and you don't drink, bring some ethyl alcohol anyway. It's polite, unless he is a kiddie.

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