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Operation: Integration Alumicoat Phase I (56k beware)


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Operation: Integration Alumicoat..phase I

Finally.. plans for Integration Alumicoat have been aproved! (by me, web56n)

In the proceeding weeks I will be performing this extreme mod,

with step by step collaboration of details and pictures.

consisting of a completely modded pc work station.

Phase I - Design

this operation will consist of having the entire work station integraded, which will include completely custom built desk that will become the pc's case.

along with a semi-stealthed keyboard and mouse, a stealthed webcam that will be built into lcd monitor and will be remotely controlled from keyboard tray.

Desk top

desk top will be fabricated from 0.040" brushed aluminum, it will include a splat window for viewing purposes, directly in front of monitor.

here is a drawing of top view of desk top


also a pic of raw materials


0.040" brushed aluminum.

here is a drawing of top view of desk top showing pc and drives


also a drawing of FRONT view showing where drives open and close and are mounted flush with edge of desk top


Mods underway...

keyboard tray

I completely covered the aluminuim with masking tape to avoid any unwanted scraches,

I then layed out where keys are, notice no number pad I choose not to include them.


here are pics of keyboard frame

the frame is made from 1"x1" acrylic, which sits along the outer edge of keyboards tray.

here's pic of frame. the ends were glued together on a 45* angle.

keyboard or whats left of it sits in cavity of frame and brushed aluminuim is on top acting as a lid.


I've drilled holes at either end to install highpower blue leds which will light up the entire frame


here shows a pic of each hole in the keyboard tray bezal, filed and sanded.


also keyboard tray bezal finished and ready for esembling.


more pics of tray esembled.

I've chosen to use satin finish aluminum for the edges it has a groove so the acrylic had to have a notch to match


I put a slice along the edge of the 1" acrylic 7/16" deep to fit the aluminum edging. it slides on with little effort. (press fit)


this is what it looks like, tray is emty and ready to be wired up with keys,

leds,and sliders


why no number pad? because all the time I've been using a comp I haven't yet used them. I guess I'm used to the one's above letters.

also here's a quick pic of what bottom will look like


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Seen it already at HCW and TTZ, still pretty cool.

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here is pic of molded clear silicon, 1/8"x6"x13" this is how I made the keys to soft touch! yeah, just like elevator buttons

this goes right on top of electronic keyboard pad, instead of any keys or all the little rubber caps, this not only made the keyboard soft touch but it also let me light up all the keys..by placing 4 blue led's around the outsides.


here is keyboard tray with keys, all keys light up it's just the pics. sorry for the poor pics.


and day time


will post better pics.......

Phase II mods underway!

here are pics of front edge of desktop were cd-rw and dvd drives will be located, this piece will sit right in front of keyboard.

here's pics of front bezel...

starting with layout,

this will show you the overall look of front, with drives stealthed,

this also will have power and reboot buttons along with 4- on/off switches for fans. (they all glow in the dark)

the area that is not aluminum is mirrored acrylic and will be back lit with blue led's,

I will be installing them at a later time!


this piece is 80" long and will go along front edge of desk top (one piece)


here is also close up of switches,


I will be starting desktop layout and cutting out window next,

once all pieces are ready then I will be assembling it all together

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ok... these are just construction pics

first off I wanted to lose the monitor base...so it can be placed somewhere else,


I extended the small power cord with a 6ft. extention cable.

this is what it looks like without base.


I've chosen to use 2" aluminum pipe (which still needs to be polished) to house all wires and cables that come from monitor making sure that they all fit. I also just drilled two small holes to match the holes on back of monitor to fasten pipe giving me the same adjustment as before.


I then layed out and cut hole for pipe that will go through desk top, at ther ear of splat window.


still lots of work to do on monitor and desk.

will post soon

this gives you an idea of what it will all look like.

nowhere near finished yet......


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workin on Phase II,

when power is off and when power is on..

this is just a sample if it is used it will be incorporated into unit and in front of power switch, it will light up with power on only...

OK people need your input....

I've made these power buttons what do you think?


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design was the longest, (month or so)

the fabrication was about 2 weeks,

essembly 1 week so far (not quite finished yet)

ok lost a day some where?

here I'm cutting out desk for splat window


old keyboard will be replaced next up date!.....


here is pic of insides, the gray acrylic is just a GUIDE, it does not stay there it gets replaced with a tinted piece.....


also here is what it looks like with window in place


and a close up of window


here it is at night




will post more of rest shortly............

what do you think so far?

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here is a pic of monitor bezel notice the hole in the top center


I have cut a piece of acrylic and tinted it to match the front of monitor.

for a few reasons,

1-to cut down on reflection at night.

2-so when the monitor is shut off it appears to be silver.

3-and most important, to keep little fingers off the soft surface of monitor

(kids are always pointing at something on the monitor)


this what it looks like with tinted acrylic in place


also here is a pic of where webcam is located


from far back


and close up


and also here is a pic of center speaker for that 5.1 dolby ya baby!!!


that is only a background of longhorn....

will post more real soon

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Prety cool lookin window! :wink:

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Operation: Integration Alumicoat, has to have a modded chair so here's a few pics

the chair from a 1990' pontiac, has arm rests on both sides.


as you can see the right side arm rest has a stealthed fold out beverage holder along with a compartment for cd's.

both sides fold up out of the way for easy access, it also has been wired for 5.1 dolby digital! you can also see there is a lever to recline the chair if it's just relaxing time yeah it fully reclines too!


the speakers are mounted from under the head rest so if head rest goes up so do the speakers, they are also fully adjustable to any position.

here you can see a handy little compartment on the back for important what ever's.....


will be posting the finishing touches of Operation: Integration Alumicoat very soon........

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Lookin awesome dude. Great pics!

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

here are some more shot of Integration Alumicoat

first off the side vew


here is a front shot


and some of side


and at night


also with matching printer in pic....


will finish up shortly..

thanks for all the comments,

I hope you's liked my work...........

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I saw the Wash Post thing already congrats man! You are now famous. Oops your 15 minutes are up somebody elses turn! :lol:

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