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Key Binds


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Hey guys whats going on

I was just wondering if you guys had any sugestions about keybinds

stuff like where did you get them or how did you make them up

how well do they work for you

are there any you use more than others

if you use a program to bind what is it

are there some you just hate when people use


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I think I was wanting more to the area of

What was important enough for you to dedacate one of your presious keys to

you have to ability to change them but what binds were you most happy with

is there any that you have come across that were just UBER or were there any that were just worthless and you will never put them on your bind list again :)

but thx for the link tho HEHE I will prob need soon

Bruce what binds do you use the most

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I basically have all of my keys bound (and then some):

Speech/Function keys

alternate fire = end

console = ~

crouch/down = left mouse button

fire = right mouse button

jump/up = ctrl

next weapon = mouse wheel up

prev. weapon = mouse wheel down

use = middle mouse button

fire mode = delete

flashlight = page down

reload = enter

warning (consider…) = slash (/?)


Buy menu

other/misc: area Cleared

neeDed armor

other/misc: Enemy spotted

other/misc: I need some backup, Fast!

buy Grenade

admin logIn

J = show admin tab

other/misc: I’ve got your bacK?

rifLe (AK47 / M4A1)

sMg (MP5)

Nightvision toggle

admin logOut

sniPer rifle (MSG90)

Q = sell weapon

adveRtise server (thanks for…)


Team say

URL (visit us at http://…)

Voice menu

throW weapon

maXi gun (Sig 551 / HK33)

acknowledgement: You got it!

vote menu = Z


Monsterkill! = comma (,<)

Rampage! = period (.>)

Doublekill! = semicolon (;:)

Multikill! = singlequote (‘”)

Oh the pain! = greystar (*)

Have mercy, please! = greyslash (/)

Here are a couple of links to check out:



If those don't help, I can print out a copy of my ini file for you so you can get an idea of how it's done.



T-Maxx, there is no substitute.

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i really don't bind much... just weapon buys

this is my setup

3-8 (number keys above alphabet) = Names ie.. bruceleeon, supa.. etc

Arrow keys = movements

CTRL = Jump

Shift = Crouch

Enter = use

delete = throw weapon

end= sell weapon

page down= wave taunt

0 = say "ive got your back

. = area cleared

3= cover me

Mouse buttons

left = fire

right = the thing that does teh laser

middle = scrolls weapons when clicked changes fire mode

2 added buttons (intellmouse explorer 3.0 read the review on home page)

first button is "enemy spotted"

second is reload

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