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Just a quick suggestion for the forums. You might want to cut down on the number of forums for the time being. Having seperate forums for numberous categories is great for huge sites with thousands of members. Where there are still below 100 here though you might want to reduce it to something more manageable.

Having a smaller number of fourms would make searching through recent posts a lot easier for us newbies. It would also result in there being a lot less of those dead forums lying around. (eg. Have one overclocking/cooling forum instead of seperate forums for cooling each seperate component).

Just an opinion, take it for what it's worth. From past experience though I've found that it's usually easier to expand the forums as the membership base grows.

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Thanx, jenious, we will take your suggestion under consideration.

The origianal design was smaller. We expanded it so people could find specific things more easily.

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