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How to Remove nVidia Drivers


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I found this in the Guru3d Forums awhile back. It works really well if you have a problem updating your Nvidia drivers. Sometimes they leave little tidbits behind that can foul up installing the new ones.




How to Remove nVidia Drivers

The following is the best way I know of uninstalling Detonator drivers on any Windows-based OS, but it is a bit complicated. However, it works extremely well...

1) Right click on the My Computer icon, go to Device Manager, and choose your display adapter. Right click on it, and choose "uninstall". When it asks you to shut down to finsh making changes to the system, choose no (or cancel).

2) Place a bootable floppy (or CD) in your computer to boot from.

3) Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and remove the nVidia Drivers from your computer. When it asks to restart the system, choose yes. Your computer will restart, and boot from the floppy or CD.

4) Type the following at the prompts:

A:> c:

C:> cd windows

C:WINDOWS> dir nv*.* (Your computer will list all the nVidia files in C:WINDOWS)

C:WINDOWS> del nv*.* (This will delete those files)

C:WINDOWS> cd system32 (or system for 9X systems)

C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32> dir nv*.* (Your computer will list all the nVidia files in C:WINDOWS)

C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32> del nv*.* (This will delete those files)

Remove the boot disk, and CTRL/ALT/DEL to restart your computer

When the computer restarts, install the new drivers!

I know this seems like the long way around, but it is the surest way I know of killing the Dets before installing new ones. Try it... the more times you do it, the less complicated it will become.

I know there is a program out there called Detonator Destroyer made for this, but I (and many other people as well) have had problems getting it to work on NT-based systems. So, I do it like described above, and I have never had a problem...maybe this will help someone else out there


I have only had to use this way once, but it does work! :wink:

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