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Moderator: What it is!


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Why Are Moderators Needed?

Most people have visited a message board at one time or another in their life. The vast majority has never posted anything at all, preferring just to view rather than contribute their ideas and thoughts. Most of those that have contributed have posted useful input to discussions, which are valued by many of the subscribers to the board.

The need for moderators has come about because small minorities of people who post useless and irrelevant information have been lurking about. Moderators are those people who read most of the comments posted on a board and ensure that they are suitable for the audience.


1. Moderators assume the role of hosts and welcome new users to the board. They are also responsible for setting the tone and style of their respected forum(s).

2. A good moderator's major task is to review postings to ensure that they are of the same subject matter as the board. At the very least, off-topic threads should be discouraged quickly or tactly moved to other, more appropriate arenas. Deleting posts that are spam and posts that mention other competitive message boards are also part of the requirements.

3. Prevent flaming. Flames are critical or derogatory remarks. A flame war is kind of like a shouting match where insults are hurled between people until they all flee, exhausted and battered. Good moderators gently prod people into posting responsibly by discouraging flaming.

4. As moderators read through postings, it quickly becomes apparent when there is a troublemaker amid the group. These troublemakers need to be handled - either by gentle persuasion or more harsh measures if necessary. In fact, the moderator must be ready to eject severe troublemakers from the group if they are continually disruptive.

5. Moderators must ensure that the board remains viable, active and alive. They must promote and ensure that an environment exists where people can post messages without threat or fear, and make sure that disagreements do not flare into all-out attacks.


1. You can delete postings that go against any of the Computingondemand.com guidelines, are inflammatory, irrelevant to the forum, or impose spam. Note: Randomly deleting large numbers of postings for no apparent reason other than the moderator disagreeing with the topic at hand will not be tolerated.

2. You can recommend banning a user who is posting spam, inflammatory comments, acting inappropriately, or disrupting rather than contributing to the board. When such action is appropriate, e-mail Computingondemand.com administration at [email protected] with member's username and reason for recommending a ban.

3. You can edit posts that contain language, trick words not caught by our profanity filter (e.g. f_u_c), or that are insulting and degrading to fellow board members.

How To Apply

We'd like to give the most loyal and active message board members a chance to be moderators at Computingondemand.com. To apply, send an email at Bru[email protected], with the following information:

A) Which forum you would like to moderate.

B) The hours in which you are available to moderate the board.

C) Why you would be a good moderator.

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