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video ram

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Whats the difference between video ram and physical ram?

Of course they're very different.

So i must ask, what do ya mean?

like do you mean for onboard graphics?


most Vid cards are now using a BGA packaging for the Video Ram, instead of PGA. BGA has a faster transfer rate than PGA. Ram still uses iirc PGA packaging.

thats one difference. Clock speeds are the other.

now the answer you're prolly looking for

Physical Ram is System Ram, video Ram is On the Vid card, and is only used by the Vid card while Physical Ram is used by the whole system.

Don't quote me, i could be wrong. :P

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heh you got a new arvater. my quesiton was more like what is video ram's use... like what video ram be used for ingame special effects or would it be holding all the information thats on the screen atm.
ahh, i was wondering what the specific reason for the question..

the basic answer would be, it's used to process all textures, lighting, special effects, Sprites, polygons. ect... on the card as opposed to using the physical ram. although i know of no card that can do it all with just video Ram, so you still end up using Physical Ram or even swap file space(from HD). Although the New 256MB cards may be able to do it on older games, the newer games being developed (Doom III being one of those games.) will still need Physical system Memory to help. So any spill over will use Ram then if necessary the swap File.

Again, don't take all this info totally solid. this is just from what i remember.

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