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Sony here. No problems either. It will burn an audio cd in about 3-4 minutes. No coasters.

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Have a Plextor (12/10/32) and a Lite-On (40/12/48 ). Like 'em both. Never a prob with either one.

Had an Acer, but sold it. Worked OK but no "Burnproof". Made alot of coasters!

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TDK 12x10x40 24xDAE Great burner

Mitsumi 32x12x40 16MB Buffer!!!!! decent drive - good for data.. bad for games

Lite-On 40x12x48.. SDK2  no problem... 48xDAE...nice feature... 

Look for my review on the LiteOn coming soon...

Do you have a DVD? If so, do you use it for games? I only use my burner for burning. The DVD is 40x on cd's and the burner is 48x, not enough to make a difference. Just habit I guess.

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