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IC7-G the ABIT Gigasystem™ Mainboard


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Taipei, Taiwan, April 14, 2003-After blowing away the competition with its unchallenged triumvirate of uber-overclockable 845 PE boards, the IT7 MAX2, BE7 series and BH7, ABIT has unleashed its long awaited offering for the Intel 875 chipset. The IC7-G is the most fully featured mainboard ever created, hand crafted and ABIT Engineered to meld high-performance workstation stability and power with legendary ABIT performance and overclockability. The result is a creation truly ahead of its time, with features and specs never seen before in a desktop motherboard.

Only ABIT gives users a chance to experience a 1 Gig FSB and 1 Gig DDR memory overclock thanks to advanced ABIT Engineering. Designed with the enthusiast in mind, the IC7-G has the ABIT Engineered features that tweaking-obsessed users demand for GigaOverclocking.


Now if Intel can figure out whats wrong with the 800 MHz FSB processors? They were supposed to be released for shipment yesterday.

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No kidding. I never really looked closely at ABIT boards, maybe I should now.

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