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Welcome aboard. Let's get you situated a bit. 

General Pool Information: https://codpool.com

Dashboard: The dashboard provides general information about the pool and the coin.

Worker Statistics: This page will outline all the details around what your mining rigs are doing. If you have a rig identifier set in your mining application (in the password field) you can see how each rig is performing.

To view your statistics, Enter your wallet in the field at the top of the page and click "Lookup"


  • Current Hashrate
  • Last Submitted Share
  • Total Hashes Submitted
  • Pending Balance
  • Total Paid
  • Current Payout Estimate

Getting Started: Each Pool has a "Getting Started" page that indicates the following information:

  • Mining Pool Address
  • The Coin's Algorithm
  • The Ports
  • And a Basic Configurator

Pool Blocks: The Pool Blocks page shows the blocks found by the pool and the information about them.

Payments: See how much was paid out, each pool may feature a different payout schedule and amount

Top 10 Miners: Are you on the list? If not, start adding more hash!

Market / Calculator: Want to see how much you can make, based on the current coin's value?


Forums: The link to these forums

Pool Status: If you think the pool may be down, check here first. It will tell you which servers are operational and if there are any that are down.

Settings: In Settings, you can configure your email notifications and your minimum payout amount.

  • Enter Your Miner Address
  • Enter your IP Address: for miner verifications
  • Enter Your Minimum Payout Amount
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Click Enable to enable notifications or Disable to disable notifications

More Coins: A link back to the home page

Discord: Our discord Chat

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