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Changing wifi channels on router


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I am getting just OK wifi coverage and am using inSSIDer to try and figure out sources of interference for the current channel i'm using. The tool identifies some channel overlap from channel 8, so i'm looking to move to channel 10 or 11. My question is, will moving channels affect my devices like the boxee, printer or Yamaha wifi dongle ? They are setup to connect to my network name, but I wonder if these were smart enough, in general, to make the switch to the new channel.

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LOL that's usually my answer too.

Most of my house is wired, and for the most part, these wifi links are wifi just because i haven't wired them in yet.

For what it's worth, i moved the router from channel 9 to 10, rebooted it, powered down the HP wireless printer, I can still access it's web interface and I just printed on it.

So it looks like this kind of move doesn't affect some devices, and probably none of them. Good to know...

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