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Hauppauge 950Q used in a case


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Hello !

Here's a little project I've wondered if anybody thought of, and never really bothered to finish up. In my case for ATSC reception when using a preamp, I found the XC5000 based cards were performing best, and that means for me the Happauge 950Q USB tuner and the Hauppauge/Pinnacle/PCTV 800i PCI tuner card. Unfortunately, the PCTV 800i card has a driver limitation of 1 card per system, I learnt this the hard way when installing 2 in my system and asking for support. So...

I'd like to put 2 usb tuners inside the case. It could find something simple to hook them inside the case using the internal USB header, and hold them side by side and take just 1-slot spot...

Comments welcome.

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I mainly hear good things about the HDHR except for sensitivity. In my area of Ottawa, Canada, we're considered fringe reception for channels coming from USA. And in general, any signal margin you have ensures you don't end up losing signal when a *snow storm* comes ... Right now I have 1x950Q outside the case right outside the case (I have the case fans blowing air on it), 1xpctv 800i, and one Hauppauge HVR-2250 dual-tuner. As long as I have the the tuner priorities set to record on the 950Q and 800i first, I mainly stay out of trouble :D

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