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Where is Your PSU Fan?


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I recently had an interesting argument with one of my friends about Power Supplies.  Our argument was about cooling fan size and placement within the power supply.  His argument was that a larger fan is better than a smaller fan.  As enthusiast, we have seen both employed, but for some reason, no standard has been defined.  Are Power supply companies just playing into the idea that bigger fans are better for cooling? Needless to say, this sparked some interest in research. Over the years, many of us started with chassis designs that really didn't take airflow into consideration.  As these chassis evolved we moved from loud 80mm fans to more efficient larger 120mm fans.  With this evolution, airflow was also becoming a larger focus and thus a new generation of chassis was born.  This is all well and good, but how does this play out with power supplies? As our Read More...IZDqWA3Aw40

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