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Will Google Latitude Destroy Your Relationship?


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After switching from iOS to Android and being entrenched in the Google experience, my curiosity leads me in the direction of trying all kinds of new things.  After my initial introduction to Google Voice, I was impressed with the service and with some of things that Google gives us for FREE so I was naturally curious about Google Latitude.  Latitude is an experiment that allows you to see where your friends are right now, and vice verse using Google Maps. Before we get started... The idea behind a service like this is pretty neat for both parties; not only does it have its social benefits for you and your friends, but it offers Google a lot of information about your patterns, travels, location and social network.  All this data can be used to categorize and classify you.  Your table in the database is growing every time you use one of Read More...PuKmMMUP8hs

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