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WordPress & Post Revisions


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There are many things about WordPress that have a catch 22 effect on you; something that you love but drives you crazy at the same time.  One of these features happens to be the post revisions introduced in current version of the CMS.  Post revisions are an excellent concept and I have used it on more than one occasion, however, it gets out of control at times.  When working on an article, I have added and removed content daily resulting in HUNDREDS of post revisions stored in the database.  Here are some ways to manage your post revisions. One way to manage your post revisions is to simply turn them off.  This is not an ideal situation for myself and for many but the hard reality is that many of us have resorted to this.  Having used the post revisions myself, this was my first solutions. To disable post revisions Read More...TvF3ZtjKYfw

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