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HONG KONG - 9/9/2008 Convergence Technologies Limited, a leading provider of vapor chamber products, today announced it has filed suit in the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court against Taiwan Microloops Corporation.

The lawsuit alleges that at least one Microloops’ product for the graphic card industry infringes on 2 Convergence patents in Taiwan. Investigations are on-going to determine the extent of the infringement on other products for telecom, server and bladeserver markets. It is alleged that Microloops infringed on the Multiwick and Boiling-enhanced Multiwick features that enable effective vapor chamber operations. Vapor chamber is a relatively new cooling technology that has the potential of making an impact on a heat-prone electronic industry. Convergence is seeking injunctive relief barring the infringement, contributory infringement, and inducement to infringe the Convergence patents, as well as monetary damages. The Multiwick patent has been granted in USA, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong and is pending in other countries, while the Boiling-Enhanced Multiwick patent has been issued in Taiwan while pending in other countries.

According to Dr. Steven Lee Founder and CEO of Convergence: “The Multiwick technology is centered on the premise that the condensate flow in a vapor chamber must increase as it coalesces from the larger condensing surface toward the smaller evaporation surface. This technology and the derivative Boiling-Enhanced Multiwick technology were discovered during many years of hardwork, and we will do what is necessary to defend them. It is unfortunate that communications with Microloops have not yielded any meaning results.â€

Further information will be made available on an on-going basis at http://www.cte.ctl-intl.com in the Intellectual Properties section.

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