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FileZilla FTP Server on WHS


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Creating an FTP server on your Windows Home Server can prove to be very advantageous. There are many times when using the web interface just doesn’t seem practical. Also, you are no longer limited to how many people have the ability to upload and download from your WHS.

Having an FTP server on WHS can also allow syncrinization of files between off site computers and WHS while giving greater flexibility. I am personally displeased with the lack of a download monitor for WHS while using the web page and therefore the setup of an FTP was necessary for me.

First, I chose FileZilla because of it is simple to setup, easy to maintain, and FREE. There is also more security in FileZilla than the included (but not installed) IIS FTP server. FileZilla supports FTP as well as FTPS using Explicit SSL/TLS. I am not going to explain setting up the latter, but the simpler FTP.

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