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Call of Duty 4: Perks


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Perk 1:


Ability to seek out enemy explosives


You will have an RPG-7 in the game (Rocket Launcher).


You will be able to use special grenades in the game such as flash grenades.

* (2x) C4

When enabled, you will have two C4’s per spawn.

* (2x) Claymore

Trip activated exposive mines (Unlocked at Rank 23)

* Frag x 3

3 Frag Grenades (Unlocked at Rank 41)

* Bandolier

Adds more ammo to your clip (Unlocked at Rank 32)

Perk 2:

* Juggernaut

Gives you extra health.

* Sleight of Hand

You can reload your gun faster. (Unlocked at Rank 20)

* Stopping Power

Bullets do more damage.

* UV Radar Jammer

Jams Enemy Radar (Unlocked at Rank 11)

* Sonic Boom

Higher explosive damage

* Double Tap

Increased Rate of Fire. (Unlocked at Rank 29)

* Overkill

Carry two primary weapons, no pistol (Unlocked at Rank 38)

Perk 3:

* Extreme Conditioning

Allows you to sprint longer.

* Steady Aim

Increase hip-fire accuracy

* Last Stand

Pull out a pistol after you are downed to shoot your killer before you bleed out. (Unlocked at Rank 8 )

* Deep Impact

Increases penetration and damage of all weapons through walls or cover.

* Dead Silence

You make less noise as you move. (Unlocked at Rank 44)

* Iron Lung

Increases the time you can hold your breathe while zooming in with a sniper. (Unlocked at Rank 26)

* Eavesdrop

Allows you to listen in on enemy conversation within 30 meters (approximately 90 feet). (Unlocked at Rank 35)

* Martyrdom

Drop a grenade just before you die to kill any nearby enemies. (Unlocked at Rank 17)

My setup changes from map to map depending on which weapons I choose to use. Lately, I have been enjoying the M16 the most.

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