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State Government - NJ

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I get annoyed very easily with the "tax" issues. I have a simple fix, and no one will listen. Right now, property, income, and state taxes drive a lot. Our problem is that we provide services for tons of people that don't pay property taxes. I am waiting for someone to recommend a 5 cent per day apartment tax. If you can collect 5 cents per day from someone who rents an apartment; the government can recuperate billions annually.

Our state is so far in debt it is ridiculous. They are proposing all kinds of crazy ideas to get money, including selling our highways.

5 cents a day... that is it... that will bring in TONS of money.... and have very little affect on the people living in the apartment. Their annual tax would be 18.25 a year. In my town alone (Hackettstown) there are probably 400+ apartments. This is a really small town... and that would bring in 7300 per year. In big cities like Newark, Jersey City, AC, etc... the revenue would be a tremendous help.

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The real easy fix is to stop the spending. Providing cradle to grave welfare does nothing but make people dependent on the government. Get rid of the welfare spending programs and I bet your money troubles in NJ will disappear overnight.

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Well, I don't think that getting rid of welfare, entirely, is the answer. Believe it or not, there are actually some people out there who aren't cheating the system. There are people who are actually deserving of it. What needs to happen, is there needs to be a stricter policing of who receives gov't assistance. I feel the same way about so called "gun control". Trying to ban guns is a ridiculous idea. It will never, ever happen. It's a right that every red blooded american is born with. What you need is a better way to control who can purchase firearms. I'm so tired of hearing reports about how that Arizona Rep was shot because of a loophole in the gun show laws. I'm sorry, did the loophole shoot her???

The problem is, we're all using common sense to fix the problem. That's not the case with the powers that be. It's all about money. It seems that with the easy answers, someone stands to lose money. We can't have that. The officials need to keep their pockets lined. We're never going to stop that either. It's been going on since this government has been in place. Whether we like it or not, it's still a proletariat system to some extend. Everything is still a quid pro quo. No one in our government does anything, unless it's going to benefit them in some way. It's actually really, really sad.

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