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Found 5 results

  1. yo guys .Someone gave me this cool idea and as usual I forgot who he was ,,huh . Well I have created "The Leftovers TM" in Cloud Raiders (Game close to Clash of clan ) . Cloud Raiders next update is about to bring "Clan wars" . So if you are interested to play game like COC ( Imo better than COC ) than Join "The Leftovers TM" in "Cloud Raiders" !!! Well u can't join a clan until u reach lvl4 ( i.e. Keep / stronghold lvl 4 ) and this should take approx. 2 days !!
  2. Yo leftovers, I am right now in president's men. My this alliance is doing good in leagues. I will be back to Leftovers once these leagues gets over after 4 Days. So, I request THE EMPEROR to keep one place vacant for me . I hope to see you all soon. I also hope you all are doing great in leagues individually as well as a team.
  3. Hi friends, as leagues are going to start. I have decided to have new experience with new alliance. so for first league, I am in presidentz men. I will return as soon as first league gets over. I hope you understand
  4. Hello Warriors...well, Yday i was reading an article by a Leading Entrepreneur From Singapore about His book....the First Quote was... " INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR NEXT BIG THING ...LOOK FOR THE NEXT BIG PROBLEM..." And here the problem is " Disconnection" which is universal..and cannot be questioned either... I ve bin trying this system on my lumia phone and its giving me 100% result whenever i use it...and go through the attack without any disconnection. When the troops are ready. Heroes have Trained and Mentally you are motivated enough to take down those shims ...here are few steps to
  5. Every Morning when we wake up or if we log-in after a gap of 5 - 6 Hrs it’s easy to choose Combination of heroes...as mostly we go for Charles Martel and Alexander Nevsky as first option and second option after an hour of training is Conrad the Elder and Saladin and an hour later Edward the Black Prince and Winrich von Kniprode are one of the most trusted options available but after that the real confusion begins or say either we should wait for another 3 - 4 hours to get in to the cycle again. Actually what happens is..(It’s my experience) I win three attacks with these combinations and
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