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  1. nice job there, but ive 'graduated' past that stuff. iroc ill show u what im working in for a personal site. its being hosted off scrap metal i picked up PM me ill get u the info, tell me ur opinions, i want something from an experianced web designer.
  2. i get that type of email in addition to regular spam in all my mail accounts. my parents are definetly appalled at what they get, they have some SPam blcoker that works with MS Outlook though. works really well.
  3. wow, sweet site. i gotta book mark it also. lots o linux howtos.
  4. very very cool, wish there was sound or something.
  5. could it be a bug in the PHP engine? its possible.
  6. thats weird, also i doubt its the host. it may be a malformed PHP script or some bug in PHPBB (can it be?!)
  7. hey, i use linux as a desktop mostly. im running debian-sid. im not trying to 'down' linux but in my opinion windows is the best OS to play games because of so much availability of games and such. heck i still gotta install my nVidia drivers. ill gladly get back to you but dude dont be a 'hater' cos i said windows is the best OS for gaming. its just my opinion and i think linux is quite stable for me. ive been running debian for about a month and its never frozen or crashed.
  8. the problem is linux's main ground is the server market where bells and whistles dont matter. true that linux can be for the desktop but its just not making enough money from making it look fancy. the cash is in the performance. as far as bells and whistles, KDE 3.0.4 is great, im running it on my debian system and its stable as windows. and you can customize the interface soo much.
  9. whenever you cant find a linux distro for download (they have to be for download, its part of the GPL) goto www.linuxiso.org
  10. lets go ghetto? really, whats up with the link?
  11. i think they quit that show a while back. at least i dont see it on FOX as much.
  12. Kal


    spammin! 8)
  13. im fine with mine, im replying excellento. try using a different browser or a simple restart could help.
  14. why would a gaming site do a review of a linux distro? windows is already the best platform for gaming. humm, whos up for some UT?
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