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  1. my cubicle SUCKSASS! it is 5 x 6 and I can't wait to get out of here!!! Hey, anyone know any good people to work for in St. Louis?
  2. you are what you eat, isn't that right dick! LOL
  3. sheesh! we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy for me, every now and then its ok but not as a lifestyle besides, if I could have a moving avatar, I would!
  4. When Aeon Flux was on MTV back ages ago, it was pretty cool. I also liked Heavy Metal - dunno if I still would.
  5. Good thoughts everyone! Just letting you know that I'm reading - - may chime in when I have more time.
  6. good to have you! 'cept when your fragging me!!! jk you are a worthy opponent!
  7. No, I am a moron!! In all the excitement of winning the new machine, I forgot to say thanks... SO THANK YOU C.O.D.!!!!!! I promise to use it to its fullest in fragging all of you, lol, jk, not really... :wink: :wink: :wink:
  8. nah, at this time I only have my 128DDR video card.... and a 16mb voodoo but that doesn't really count...
  9. lol, Sid thought he would be cute and act like I said I would sell it to him...HELL NO!!
  10. yea, it keeps my CPU running real cool but (the D-word) is that thing loud!
  11. uhm YEA!!! I've actually never owned a authentic Pentium!
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