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  1. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    Cubicle Humor!

    my cubicle SUCKSASS! it is 5 x 6 and I can't wait to get out of here!!! Hey, anyone know any good people to work for in St. Louis?
  2. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    I love pussy

    you are what you eat, isn't that right dick! LOL
  3. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    Anime or movie referal thread

    sheesh! we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy for me, every now and then its ok but not as a lifestyle besides, if I could have a moving avatar, I would!
  4. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    Anime or movie referal thread

    A message
  5. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    Anime or movie referal thread

    When Aeon Flux was on MTV back ages ago, it was pretty cool. I also liked Heavy Metal - dunno if I still would.
  6. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    Current Events/Politics

    Good thoughts everyone! Just letting you know that I'm reading - - may chime in when I have more time.
  7. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    battle of the balls

    good to have you! 'cept when your fragging me!!! jk you are a worthy opponent!
  8. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

    No, I am a moron!! In all the excitement of winning the new machine, I forgot to say thanks... SO THANK YOU C.O.D.!!!!!! I promise to use it to its fullest in fragging all of you, lol, jk, not really... :wink: :wink: :wink:
  9. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

    nah, at this time I only have my 128DDR video card.... and a 16mb voodoo but that doesn't really count...
  10. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

    lol, Sid thought he would be cute and act like I said I would sell it to him...HELL NO!!
  11. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

  12. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

  13. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

    I'm up for some Instagib!!!
  14. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

    yea, it keeps my CPU running real cool but (the D-word) is that thing loud!
  15. [TMX]PegesusMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

    uhm YEA!!! I've actually never owned a authentic Pentium!