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    israel, in the arava dessert(nowere, smack in the middle)
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    computers, hardcorware.net
  1. ECC

    hi wassup?

    sorry for naging about it :roll: but did you use the andpaper bit on the dreml thanks
  2. ECC

    hi wassup?

    glad to be here, too bad about the 50 post limit in the giveaways tho as i dont spam ant spaming diqualifis you immeiatly anyways about the window etching article rbreb, who did you use the sandpaper? i just didnt get it :shock: good articles/reviws so far! i like the layout of the site too, but it is abit hard to notice fourm regitation link;)
  3. ECC

    hi wassup?

    hi i just joined the fourum! found about this place from Rbreb13 in hardcoreware.net
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