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  1. Definitely a nice feature
  2. Yeah, right now I'm down to about four sites including HCW and here. I lost a lot of respect for a lot of people after reading some KT400a reviews
  3. lol, thanks, I had to go and check to see what I put in there A good idea sample wise might be to see if you can make contacts with other online sites in your area. I know HCW used to share samples with a couple other sites in the early days. Vendors are more willing to send something out if it'll get reviewed by two or three different writers.
  4. Alexa is the most biased traffic indicator around...it's retarded that some sights actually use it to determine which sites to give review products to. I understand they need to have some sort of standard, but using Alexa is just wrong. I remember getting denied over at HCW by a manufacturer because we weren't sub 50,000. Got about 5 people to install it and now we're at 10,000....anyway, I have it running right now so one more hit for your guys 8)
  5. So little time...and sooo many posts to make before the end of the month. This shall take require all of my skills! :?
  6. jenious


    Hey all, didn't know this was the n00b thread. Not a big time fragger...more or a sports gamer so I'm kind of out for most of the convos. Will peak my head in every now and then to check on the hardware discussions though.
  7. Just a quick suggestion for the forums. You might want to cut down on the number of forums for the time being. Having seperate forums for numberous categories is great for huge sites with thousands of members. Where there are still below 100 here though you might want to reduce it to something more manageable. Having a smaller number of fourms would make searching through recent posts a lot easier for us newbies. It would also result in there being a lot less of those dead forums lying around. (eg. Have one overclocking/cooling forum instead of seperate forums for cooling each sepe
  8. jenious

    Just Rolled In

    Hey, everyone has to start somewhere right :wink:
  9. jenious

    Just Rolled In

    Interesting spot you have here, came over via Rbreb after his posting at HCW. I'm a mod and sometimes writer over there. Can't beat a free PC give away to draw new members
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