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  1. HAHA! ROFL... now if he doesn't respond for a few days, you will be under suspicion from the FBI. LOL :wink:
  2. (the D-word)! I didn't win... Oh well have a great time with it. At least hunter-killer didn't win.. AGAIN.
  3. I am using the 3.5Cats right now. The only thing I have installed as of lately were a few demos, and stuff. But I uninstalled most of it already. You really think defragging may help this thing out?
  4. LOL, but do you have any idea what is wrong here? My system: Socket 423 P4 1.4GHz Willy 384mb PC800 RDRAM Abit TH7 Socket 423 mobo 120GB WD SE HDD 9800np modded to Pro WTF is going on.. 10fps in games.
  5. My freakin 3dmark score went down 2,000 points!!! WTF is going on. Is there any way that this can be something that I may have installed? Man, this is really messed up. I can't play any games now!!!! NOOOOOOOOO... :cry:
  6. OMG! I can't play any games now. I am getting 10fps and under in all games! With a 9800 !! I was getting like 60-70. I am not sure what happened but it is really messed up. I may have to reformat my hdd again.
  7. Yah I saw those a few weeks ago, but I still love them. Have you saw the ice one? "Last one there is a penis pump!" LOL
  8. So are you hunter-killer... you are more warped than myself. Nah, my gram needs the hdd if I win.
  9. LOL! Yes you still do... so we bow down to you!!!! :wink:
  10. HAHA nice plan. Knowing Rebel he will come back from the dead and torture you to death. He will most likely do this by holding the comp on the other side of the cliff, and taunting you to grab it. You will then proceed to jump at the computer but miss and fall to your death. Anyway, its raining here so I am sad. I think I will play a bit of America's Army.
  11. LOL.. this isn't a gay orgy. Get that off of your mind. This is almost like a chat room, fast responses.
  12. Are you truly upset or are you just being facetious? Everybody loves everybody else here, one big happy family.
  13. Ok... please say that again, in english. I have no idea what you just said.
  14. You better not take my name out of the hat! I am trying to get something going for my grandma here. She would love a case like that. I go to many lans, so I use my toolbox case that took me a looong time to build. Everything would be taken care, and my current system would be installed in that case, and given to my gram. If I happen to win I will take a pic of her, the new comp, and the old 486, together like a happy family. LOL Anyway, I thought it was out of 13 people, not 11?
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