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  1. [TMX]DorMaxx


    OMG lol... BTW I have had the lose of time thing sence I waas 16, but thats just me
  2. Lol, Sorry didn't realize the T word was restricted
  3. nope I am going to be enjoying in on Saterday, I hope... mm..... mammary glands....
  4. You would turn out gay if you figured out that thing we call 'women'.
  5. lol but I am poor:) I am not gonna go buy ram, I would rather pay off my Stang.
  6. Ok I want to take myself out to this drawing:) I have 256k:( I will eventualy upgrade but, I prolly won't for a wihle.
  7. Well post your worthless ideas, err umm valuable ideas.
  8. :supalaugh Green Spam and cheese, with a side of beer please. But don't forget the garnish!
  9. Please do not associate Missouri with Arkansas plz.
  10. :supalaugh :supalaugh LOL. Your crazy man. You only will need to sticky the actual Ladder post. Not the one I just started.
  11. Lol I am sure he won't give a *BEEPITY*
  12. Ok. Well I know ed doesn't want to do or maintain this ladder thread. Can I get Moderator access to The TMX part? only that part. I hate to much power.
  13. How do I start a sticky thread? I am goign to start work on the (the D-word) Ladder for the retarded TMX'ers.
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