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  1. yeah it's gorgeous, i think i'm gonna have to buy some longer wires though.... this case is longer than my current one and i doubt the current cables i got will be able to reach... comfortably at least.... so it may be more than a day before i switch over to it.
  2. my beautiful case came like 20 minutes ago... i've been sifting through the peanuts finding scattered pieces like the keys and stuff.. this thing is freakin' sweet!!! i'll be using it as my case in a day or so! thanks COD for the best christmas present i'll get this year
  3. it works pretty well, it blocks most of the audio but on certian sites it doesn't. no idea why some flash is able to sneak by it and some isn't.. but it works well!... sometimes when someone links me to a youtube video i'm like "why isn't there any sound!" then i look in the systray and unmute it, heh.... other than those two problems (yes i know the latter is not a problem just my stupidity) it works like a charm... great program
  4. awesome upgrade! rich text editor ftw the only problem i've seen is in fast reply, the skin is the default blue.... but it's still an awesome uprgade :"D
  5. i see the spam like everyday.. it's annoying and pathetic... whoever does it needs to grow up and get a life.... they're just wasting their time.
  6. that is pretty cool, i never heard of anything like that before.... i got some extra monitors and keyboards and mice around here..... i should get this program so when my buddies come over we won't have to share the pc....
  7. found a program that does it! http://www.indev.no/?p=projects#flashmute
  8. i wonder when that case will show up i'ma gonna take some pics of me lovin' it as soon as i arrives
  9. well i don't mind seeing ads... some ads i like to see, not all are phising attempts... alot of ads clue you in on good deals or contests... someone should make a add on that removes all audio that is played in the browser... unless they did allready and i can't find it
  10. i am tired of hearing annoying ads when i go to websites.. i don't mind seeing a banner.. but there is something really annoying when i hear it.. it's prolly cause i'm listening to music and it ruins the song...... bah... please help me i've been looking but all i can find is articles about banning music.. lol... thanks for the help
  11. i bought two game boy micro's for 35$ each for my lil brother and sister..... gonna make some good christmas gifts.... get someone else to buy them games or maybe a flashcart, heh.
  12. awesome, i'm so excited that i won!!! That case is awesome, I read the review on it, i'm so stoked!
  13. he's not online now.. so i assume he's sleeping
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