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  1. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Happy Birthday Ballsdeep

    Yeah, Happy B-day BD. 81, oh yeah, I was a senior in High School.
  2. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

    Nice job Balls, very nice!
  3. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Is it me

    I will be thinking of ya G, there needs to be a law against people having to work on Christmas Eve day! I myself will be trying to relax if I can, you know with all the X-mas bonus money laying around!
  4. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Is it me

    I am just too busy trying to figure out how to spend my big $25 dollar X-mas bonus....maybe McDonalds. Hehe!
  5. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    It is a boy

    Congrats, Biguns! And I think from looking at the pics [COD-K]BigBalls_Jr. should be his tag.
  6. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    How many

    Very good! Rbreb is the winner of .... nothing. But we did get the General topic going again.
  7. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    How many

    How many Stars does a Major General have??? HeeHee
  8. [TMX]TrebMaxx


    Thanks, Rbreb. Thats what I needed to know.
  9. [TMX]TrebMaxx


    How can we add a custom avatar? or is it even possible? I can host mine I just can't seem to see how to put it in.
  10. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Post Count

    That suxors, but small matter I guess. I was just so happy to get over a hundred Maybe some spam is in order...naw, I think not.
  11. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Post Count

    Man, I lost like 30 some post??? What gives??
  12. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Who will win this weekends game?

    HEHE! Missouri beat Nebraska! :shock:
  13. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Serving as a mirror for Frag Ops

    This is not much different than when TO started up. I don't know how many post I read that stated " When its done" HEHE! Treb
  14. [TMX]TrebMaxx


    I have just one computer hooked up to a Dlink router, mainly just for the firewall. I guess I can say I have a one computer network.
  15. [TMX]TrebMaxx

    Hey its me Monroe i wanan join tmx and cod

    Everyone should go over to the 1337 forums and check out Monroe's post there. Psycho!