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  1. geez man how violent can you get?
  2. and approximately how many computers is this?
  3. Wait...you can? Can you send me Directions on how to do it?
  4. LOL Agreed Ima hate finals
  5. Would this program be worth it to make a Dual boot system using Vista RC2 and XP Home?
  6. Dam makes me want $1Mill so I can by stuff like this. XD
  7. I might be in trouble im not sure because I have a Dell computer that doesnt come with a reinstall CD....
  8. God this is so true I mean I try to keep my mailbox clean on aol but my mom gets at least 10 SPAM per day in her mailbox....and don't even get me started on Yahoo....
  9. Is this forum usually quiet or is it becasue its 12am?
  10. ROFL how do you not know what Vista is. If you know anything about computers you should know the next OS that is the full release from windows is "supposed" to come out in the month of January.
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