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  1. Dunno... everyone else is being quiet so I had assumed that most of the people left....
  2. W00T, sweet so like in a month or two?
  3. When is the next one going to occur?
  4. Is there a way for you to... 1. Have Another Contest? those usually spark up some conversation 2. Get a few of these reviews per day instead of being blasted with 50 gazillion in one day of the week?
  5. uhhhh.... dig it? or get google to put it higher up in the hosting google search?
  6. Noticed a few scratches but thats about it, probably from major usage form you. Cool though nonetheless XD Still not sure whether to use my Microsoft wireless mouse for gaming or this one they both work quite well.....
  7. Package received, mouse looks pretty cool with the red LED inside. Thanks Bruce and COD!
  8. I think you broke your promise Bruce.......Its almost been a month since that post......
  9. What would one need that much space for? A server?
  10. k cool....ill try to be patient. Sorry I am probably getting on your nerves, it's just hard for a 15 yr old sometimes
  11. So do you have enough info to send me the mouse Bruce?
  12. Hey Bruceleeon have you been getting my last 3 Pms about the contest?
  13. thats awesome but I would probably (the S-word) my pants if I did that
  14. Its ok. So I PMed Bruce, is that how I get my prize?
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