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  1. Been a while since I have stoped by... Let me just say I like what you have done with the place..
  2. Sweet ACE Sweet.. I am glad I stoped by hehe..
  3. ME I am all the trafic... MMUUAHAHAHA
  4. Wow good thing I stoped by before june HEHE j/k... Happy BDay a few days late... :evolution
  5. Eh! lets all hop in the way back machine and lets go see what COD looked like back in the day... WayBackMachine GJ guys this site has come a long ways..
  6. They were so worth staying up late for when I was just lil Rd... Wait I don't think I was ever lil.. hrm young Rd there we go.. although they had some whacked out waterbed commercial that played every 10 min.. to this day that still haunts my memory.. **Shudders**
  7. Well lets just beat around the bush ... hehe... Nice Bruce.. I agree that if something sucks you should let ppl know. If it was information about a product that a person would or could buy.. I agree even more P.S. Nice to see ya closed your rant hehe...
  8. HRM... i thought I had seen and NTFS dos disk... HRM where was that... I dont think this is the one I had to use a while back but it would prob. work NTFS Dos
  9. Thx junior I have not had any run in with XP or 2K yet not something in my mainstream at this time... hehe But most of the time I use a boot disk when Formating... Somthing bout cuting off the legs I am standing on just seem like a bad idea hehe...
  10. When all else fails Format C: /q /s ***disclaimer: remember turning on your computer, Letting it boot, Using advice you found online and editing your hard drive... is dangerous... you will screw everything up... I am responsible... but not for your stupid actions... *** HEHE But for real tho dont do that unless you want your HDD cleared out. No COMING BACK FROM THAT ONE. Remeber BACKUP.... BACKUP... BACKUP..
  11. WTF Mates.... Cuz I like when Microsoft does it like that, like that.... This company if nothing else has some Ballz.. now To think they would let something get so main stream and then put the hurt lock on it... WTF... I hate U Microsoft.. and not as a company or there products... I hate the RETARDED MONEY GRUBBING BASS TURDS (<==can I say that) that make the company move from day to day.... Hey shaft think ya could give me a reach around??? GGRRRRRRRRRR :fingers If only I had not wasted my time learning your O.S. ... :borg
  12. Eat :sign-jerry , Drink , Be Merry... then puke... :sign-oops I hate that part.. Have a good turkey day ALL... Rd Out
  13. Gman what anime is your sig form I know most I see I love anime but I dont know I have seen that guy??? lol I know bruces very popular Nija Scroll Eh! original street fighter was cool did not like the movie they made a cple yrs back tho Fire da Missiles!!!! BTW... SSSSWWWEEEEEEETTTT Fast reply is back WHOOT!!
  14. I would not mind hearing about some of the key components of the info you got but not 8 :shock: binders worth hehe
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