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    girls, guns, trucks and games! ok, I have to add my kids and my dogs!!! and my guns!
  1. Big_Ram

    Big fun

    Oh the comments I could make on this one!
  2. Big_Ram

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Kwanza!
  3. Big_Ram

    Small feet

    I thought it was less hassle when getting on knees!
  4. Big_Ram

    Men and Beer

    I want the computer program from Wierd Science..I wanna create my own woman...Not just when I close my eyes but in real life!
  5. Big_Ram

    Singles Scene

    May not be good place to find woman but look at all the panties you can sniff! OK, I have disgusted myself!
  6. Big_Ram

    How do you like it?

    When will WHAT arrive and will it be wrapped in a plain package like the "toys" that I ordered...Even though I think the little old lady next door stole the pump! hehehe, I am a sicko! Site looks good! OK, so I had it sent to that thier house as a joke...Now she is always smiling and I havent seen her husband lately!
  7. Big_Ram

    How do you like it?

    HAHAHAHA...Thats not funny messin with someones mind like that...ok What "might" I have won!!! hehehehe...
  8. Big_Ram

    How do you like it?

    Really, I dont remember them!
  9. Big_Ram

    How do you like it?

    OK I am just guessing here but I dont remember these: Sports Chauvinist Pig Forum And COD Image Gallery I dont remember those categories! Am I right?
  10. Big_Ram

    Giveaway: NEWEST

    MAAAANNNNNNN, All the people that have a computer are already over here that I know! Lemme think who else I can get in here!
  11. Big_Ram

    Giveaway: NEWEST

  12. Big_Ram

    Giveaway: NEWEST

    Bruce, did you have to look that one up for the spelling? hehehehe, Junior, the check is in the mail, might have gotten diverted due to hurricane!
  13. Big_Ram

    Giveaway: NEWEST

    OK, and is there an answer to the second/ very first question? When is this over and what we need to win/parpicitate?
  14. Big_Ram

    Giveaway: NEWEST

    ok, could someone please tell me WHY do the sigs have to be SOOOO (the D-word) Small? AND what are the requirements to win?
  15. Big_Ram

    Giveaway: NEWEST

    (the D-word) she said it was too big too...OH the SIG!!! I gotcha!! It grew when I got excited!