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    girls, guns, trucks and games! ok, I have to add my kids and my dogs!!! and my guns!
  1. Big_Ram

    Big fun

    Oh the comments I could make on this one!
  2. Big_Ram

    Small feet

    I thought it was less hassle when getting on knees!
  3. Big_Ram

    Men and Beer

    I want the computer program from Wierd Science..I wanna create my own woman...Not just when I close my eyes but in real life!
  4. Big_Ram

    Singles Scene

    May not be good place to find woman but look at all the panties you can sniff! OK, I have disgusted myself!
  5. When will WHAT arrive and will it be wrapped in a plain package like the "toys" that I ordered...Even though I think the little old lady next door stole the pump! hehehe, I am a sicko! Site looks good! OK, so I had it sent to that thier house as a joke...Now she is always smiling and I havent seen her husband lately!
  6. HAHAHAHA...Thats not funny messin with someones mind like that...ok What "might" I have won!!! hehehehe...
  7. Really, I dont remember them!
  8. OK I am just guessing here but I dont remember these: Sports Chauvinist Pig Forum And COD Image Gallery I dont remember those categories! Am I right?
  9. MAAAANNNNNNN, All the people that have a computer are already over here that I know! Lemme think who else I can get in here!
  10. Bruce, did you have to look that one up for the spelling? hehehehe, Junior, the check is in the mail, might have gotten diverted due to hurricane!
  11. OK, and is there an answer to the second/ very first question? When is this over and what we need to win/parpicitate?
  12. ok, could someone please tell me WHY do the sigs have to be SOOOO (the D-word) Small? AND what are the requirements to win?
  13. (the D-word) she said it was too big too...OH the SIG!!! I gotcha!! It grew when I got excited!
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